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Take the red pill & get started OR refreshed in your Options Trading educational journey with the ON-DEMAND 10 Day Red Pill Challenge to enter the Matrix of Options Trading.

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Matrix Money Machine Reloaded

Transform your Option Trading into a Proven Money-Making System. Learn techniques to go beyond the typical stock market returns with trades that make more profit and mistakes that cost less!

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Matrix Money Machine Masterclass

Implement what you've learned in the Matrix Money Machine to put learning into practice with real life trades that rewire your habits so you can step forward with clarity and confidence.

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The Verticality Challenge

Harness the power of vertical spreads and In Only 6 Days with a Step-By-Step Blueprint To Eliminate Overthinking, Reduce Risk & Skyrocket Your Profits Using Vertical Spread Trading!

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Options Matrix 201

This workshop will teach you how to understand, integrate and master vertical spreads so your trading is never the same again.

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Options Matrix 202

Eliminate guesswork with expert-led in-depth guidance, so you can minimize risk, skyrocket your returns and harness Vertical Options Trading that creates long-term cash flow.

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We have more courses for after Matrix 202...
but they require an application.

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