Making A Quantum Leap in Your Performance

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What is a quantum leap? The definition of a quantum leap is taking a risk, going off into uncharted territory with no guide to follow. Another definition is particles making a jump with no apparent effort. You see this no apparent effort aspect of the definition is key. Because one of the things that we see if you go through and you look at all these different books and courses around self-improvement and personal development and efficiency and effectiveness, there's always things that we learned that help us be a little more efficient. That help us be a little more effective. They build good habits. These are all things that are important.

However, another aspect when you go through self improvement, personal development, motivational work, there's this common theme of "we need to work harder. We need to work harder!" Now what's so interesting about this is for many people, yeah, they do need to work harder. They don't do shit. They just want a result, but for many of you who are reading this blog today, you're not like that. You wouldn't be here reading this blog. If you were one of those people. You're actually the opposite. You're the type of person who actually does work your ass off, who does have ambition, who does have goals or you wouldn't be here. You wouldn't care about a quantum leap.

You might find yourself like I found myself where you set goals, you work really hard, and at the end, you don't achieve the goal and you're exhausted. Like I worked my ass off, and I didn't get to the level that I thought it would. Or in some cases you actually do get the goal, but in order for you to get the goal, you had to wreck your family. You had to wreck your health. The only way we get this done is I can't work out I need the time to work. Or I can't spend time with my family. I need to be heads down, and guess what? If you live your life for any period of time where you ignore your family, or you don't take care of your body you might get the goal but in the end, you'll feel very unfulfilled because you'll feel detached and distant from your spouse. You'll feel separate from your kids. You'll find yourself overweight with no energy with bad habits and feel like shit.

Then you start to ask yourself, was it really worth it? And you kind of get to this point that you feel like you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't, if I work my ass off if I get up at four o'clock in the morning, I work late in the evening. I work on weekends. I have great habits. I set up and I plan. I lay out my weeks, I lay out my days, and I do all of this work, and I get it perfect. Maybe I'll get it. That's really inspiring huh *eye roll*. WOO WHO.

Yeah, I've been there. I've been there. You get to where you just don't even want to step into that space anymore because you're just exhausted. Well, here's the big thing. When we look at taking a quantum leap, it's about not trying harder. It's about realizing that for like you and I who work our asses off, working harder is not the solution. We already work hard, we already work hard. If we work harder, there's going to be negative ramifications that come from what we do.

What do we do? We have to make a shift. We have to make a shift in how we view things. We have to make a shift in how we do things. What's really interesting is that when we look at making a quantum leap. The definition we're going to go with with quantum leap is it's a move you've already prepared to make. You're already getting ready for it. You just haven't done it yet.

Now I borrow this definition from a book called You 2 by Price Pritchett. It's a book I highly recommend you read. It's A High Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps. "A quantum leap is a move you've already been prepared to make. You just haven't done it yet." Here's another way to think about it. The Quantum Leap is inside you, and the reality is you and your psychology is keeping it from happening. The really interesting point is the quantum leap isn't something super hard that you have to do. It's something you have to get out of the way and let it happen.

Good example of this as many of you have felt a calling from God, that he wants you to do something very different from what you've been doing, but you're scared. You're nervous, you're fearful. You're afraid of what it's going to cost you if it doesn't work. You have in your mind if I just make a little bit more money, or if I could just take one more class, or if I could just work with one more coach. If I can just get to this point, then I'll feel safe enough to actually step out and go but look what's going on when we examine the statements that we're making. They're saying that I'm not ready. God has called you to do something but you're saying no, no, no, no, no, I'm not ready. God is calling you to take a quantum leap, and you are saying no. This is why I'm saying your job is to get out of the way.

Your job is to stop saying no, and embrace it and go for it. See a quantum leap will come to you with sudden grace. One of the coaches I worked with Dr. Libby Adams, she had an analogy that I love, and she talked about a bird soaring across the sky like us being able to achieve everything that we wanted in life. She said to achieve everything we wanted in life. We had to rise, we had to rise with two wings. One wing was the wing of self effort. It was working your ass off. It was trying harder. The second wing was the wing of grace. Grace is unmerited favor. It is blessings that we do not deserve. For us to make a quantum leap, we're going to need grace. We're going to work hard but we're going to realize there's a limit to how hard we can work, but we're going to open ourselves up to letting God come into our life to letting the supernatural come into our life and manifest itself in us and work in our behalf. See we cannot do it all by ourselves, we cannot. This goes back to the last Trader Tip Tuesday I did when we talked about WTL:

Who can help me do it not how can I do it, but who can help me do it.

Technology, how can I be more effective using technology?

Leverage, where can I leverage what I'm doing? Where can I leverage the resources I have to get where I want to go?

WTL is a component of this. We want to be asking ourselves WTL and we want to take it and turn it over and let God do his work. See, you cannot make a quantum leap happen by struggling more, or by trying harder. You just have to get out of the way.

How do we make this quantum leap? One we got to take the step that people don't want to take. We get lazy here. Be honest, you get lazy about this. Even though you work hard, you work hard in the wrong way. Where do we work hard? We work hard in taking the time to get really clear about what we want. See, getting clear about what we want is hard. We can walk around with this fuzzy idea in our head. It's not gonna be enough, we got to get clear.

Once we get clear about what we want, then we have to visualize ourselves already having it. We put ourselves in the moment and we see ourselves in that situation. You want to move to a new house. I've done this multiple times. When I wanted a new house I wanted to live in a new area, I looked at the house I wanted, I looked at the building I wanted to live in and I visualized myself living there. Then once we can visualize herself being there, then we give gratitude for receiving it. This is what's called expected gratitude. It's giving gratitude for things we do not yet have, but we foresee having. When we visualize it, we already have it and then we give thanks for the fact we have it even though we don't have it. This sets a path in motion, putting our subconscious to work to make all this become real.

Your subconscious mind does not like when you walk around with visions in your head all the time and you don't have them creates what's called cognitive dissonance. When you actually become very unsteady, you don't feel good. Your subconscious mind is going to go to work to get this for you. We get clear about what we want. We visualize ourselves having it we give grant gratitude for receiving it and then the last thing is we get to work now.

Here's a very key point of this, really key: The natural progression for a human is that we decide we want something and then we start thinking about okay, how are we going to get there, and when we start thinking about the how we're like, well, "there's no way that's going to happen. It's too hard. There's just too many things in the way." Don't worry about the how. Do not worry about the how. Get clear about the vision, visualize yourself having it, give thanks for it, and then start going towards it. Take action now. Everything you're doing will get momentum going on your behalf. You'll figure out to how as you go, but if you bogged down in the how you will never ever get there. This whole thing is so different, right? I'm asking you to not work harder. I'm asking you to trust in the very thing that you've been prepared to do, the thing that God is calling you to do. I'm asking you to trust in that and get out of the way. I'm asking you not to worry about how you're going to get there, but trust that you are going to be blessed with grace, unmerited favor that God or whatever it is you believe is going to come into your life and come alongside you to go ahead of you to go around you and to go through you to take you to the place that he is calling you to go, the place that you want to go. You see we can talk about tactics and strategy, and we do. They're important, but they pale in comparison to getting this right. Because this sets the frame for you to ask the right questions and receive the right answers.

Where are you at on this? You have to embrace this. People say change is hard. That's bullshit. Change is easy. You just have to want to change. Do you really want to change or not? Because if you really want to change you can make this happen. If you really want to change, you have to take this and you have to encode it in your body. This is what we do when we visualize. This is what we do when we get clear what we want. This is what we do when we give gratitude for the very thing we want. This is what we do when we take action now. Then change happens in an instant. Change can happen like that. Change is not hard, you just have to want to change. You have to step out of your habits and let go and get out of the way.

I'm excited to see some comments on this. Tell me what you're thinking. You see, God has much bigger plans for you than you have for yourself. He loves you deeply and he wants the best for you. Not just for you. But for those around you. He needs you to listen to him. See in this world, God works through people. Miracles come through you. Not from something that comes out of the sky or comes up by the ground. Miracles happen through you. You need to get clear about what you want and then you need to share it with others. Okay, so I will see you next Tuesday, where I will continue to teach you different ways to take your performance to an elite level. God bless and have a great week. Bye.