The Explosive Earnings Formula

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Many of you have gone throughout your life, hoping and dreaming, thinking about the possibility of taking your earnings and exploding them to the level of your dreams. While you think about this down deep you really feel it's more a fantasy, that it's not possible. Well, today we're going to talk about a formula for how you can actually create explosive earnings.

The formula for explosive earnings is RRI + Evolution + WTL - How To.

RRI: How to explode our earnings by setting three levels of goals. People, if they set goals at all, typically set one level of goals, and then they think about how they're going to get there. We're going to look at this differently, we're going to set three levels of goals, and our three levels of goals, we're going to set a reasonable goal. If you made $200,000 last year, a reasonable goal would be to make one to two times your current earnings. Somewhere between 200,00 and 400,000. Let's just say for our discussion here, we say it's 300,000. That'd be a reasonable goal. With a reasonable goal. You think about it, you're like, "Yeah, I could see if I did some things, if I worked a little longer, if I took a little more risk, if I took another course, or I committed to deleting something from my life, I could get there". You see it. That's your reasonable goal.

Then we take the $200,000 number, and now we go to radical. In radical we multiply it by four to six times. Let's say that you made $200,000 last year, we're gonna multiply by four and your radical goal is to make $800,000.

Once we have a radical in place, then we're gonna go the impossible. You see, these books from Grant Cardone, and people like this, that talk about 10 times this and 10 times that, well, here's your chance for 10 times, we're going to take 10 times your income. If you made $200,000, last year, we're going to go for $2 million. $2 million next year would be your impossible goal.

Once we have a reasonable, a radical and an impossible goal, then we're going to move on to our next category, which is evolution, and the key question here is, who would you have to become to reach this goal? The reasonable, you can see, you can make some tweaks, a couple adjustments, and you could get there.

The radical though, really starts to push your buttons. To get from 200,000 to 800,000. Who would you have to become? For you to go from 200,000 to 800,000, the current version of you must die. Must die, because that current version of you will not get to 800,000. In the new version of you, who would you have to become? How would you have to shift your psychology? How would you have to shift your views of abundance versus scarcity? What skill set would you have to have or learn? Who would you need to help you? How much money would you need to do it? You start thinking about who is the person you need to become, who is somebody that makes 800,000 a year and how do you get there?

Once you've thought of that, then we move on to the impossible goal. Who would you need to become to make $2 million in a year? That's your question. That's your key question. You really want to think this through. Because the reality is if you don't become that person, you're not going to make 2 million, it's not going to happen. Who do you need to become to make $2 million a year?

Once we get a sense of who we want to become, then we go to WTL. To create 10 times results, and to make a massive impact we need WTL that's who + technology + leverage.

The WHO is: Who can I utilize. Who can I lean on. Can I hire that I can have help me, that have skill sets different than mine, that have strengths different than mine, that can leverage, we'll come back to that, but leverage my skills through many people? You're not going to be able to do it all yourself, just going back to who you can become, who you need to become. Many of you out there already work your ass off. You can't just work harder. That's not the answer. Who can help you?

Then we move to the T, which is TECHNOLOGY. What technology could you leverage to be more productive? What technology could you leverage to reach more people? Technology helps you to be institutionalized. It helps you to be consistent, it helps you to last. People can help. Technology can help.

The last is LEVERAGE. You've heard me already mentioned leverage several times just in this section, but leverage is about how do I take the efforts? How do I take the resources? How do I take everybody around me? How do I leverage what I'm doing? To get maximum impact and maximum benefit? Can I do one thing? Can I buy one Computer? Can I buy one server? Can I launch one course? Can I come up with one idea? Can I hire one employee? Can I raise capital one time? Then multiply it across the board. We want to remember that with focus, there's power and focus, and we can get focused in on the right thing, we can then leverage it through multiple places.

With what I do, I leverage everything I do. I leverage my teams, my trading team also teaches. My trading team also helps develop content. My trading team also helps put out our advisory services. Everybody's working, we need all these things to trade anyways. We leverage them, we leverage them to pay the costs, we leverage them to make them profitable, and then you can see how all of a sudden, the p&l or the earnings can start to take off because you have multiple revenue streams. Leverage is key. One of the things I love about trading with leverage is once you get a really good strategy to go to increase your earnings by 10 times, all you got to do is add zero. You can make $100,000 a year, trade a 10 lot, you can make a million dollars on 100 lot, you can make 10 million on 1000 lot, just got to add a zero. Now there's ceilings to this, of course, and you'll get to a ceiling, there'll be a liquidity threshold, that's as high as you can go, but the cool thing is to actually find where that ceiling is. Most traders never know where the ceiling is. We just add zeros to get our leverage.

Last is HOW TO. Where everybody gets tripped up in this, because they start thinking about why make 200,000 a year. I want to make 800,000. Okay, how am I going to make 800,000? That's the first thing that goes through their mind, and then right away, they're like, Wow, I can't do that. They shut it down. Your ego, your conscious mind shuts it down.

That's not what we want, you notice what we're doing is we're going to the end, we're not taking, we're not walking a path to the end, we're going to the end, and then we're coming back, and by doing this we can open up our conscious mind, if we know they're gonna make $800,000, and we're clear about who we need to become to make $800,000 then the HOW will start to show up. You just got to remember we don't know the HOW. That's okay. You can have some idea about what you don't need to know at all. It'll show up as you go. You just need to get an idea of what you want and start to become clear about who you need to be and start moving towards it, and how it will show up.

We just have to remember that we must do things differently than we did in the past. Our old self must die and the new self must rise. That's our formula. There's a lot here I could teach a whole course on this, but for now, I want you to recap, it's explosive earnings equals reasonable radical and possible goals + The evolution of self who do you need to become + WTL who needs to help you what technologies can you use and how do you Institute leverage - How to.

I'll see you next Tuesday where I will come to you with additional thoughts like today that will help you take your trading to the next level. You realize this is psychological, right? This is all psychology. That's why this formula is so important. You start taking principles like I'm sharing here and you start to internalize this, not just intellectually understand them, but physically internalize them. Your life will start to change radically, maybe even impossibly. God bless. I'll see you next Tuesday.


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