Four Factors For a Fantastic F*@king Life!

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One thing I want all of you to understand is that if you want to have a fantastic f*@king life, we have to be aware of these four factors, and we have to live our life with balance, we have to live our life with intention in these four areas. I see a lot of students come to trading to try and fill some hole, fill some void in their life, and the problem is that trading is never going to do that for them. I have a number of friends I have some friends are literally some of the wealthiest people in the world, people who are deca-billionaires, people who are billionaires, people are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and society works through this belief that if you have a lot of money, like life is great. What they don't realize is everybody has problems, and my friends who are enormously wealthy, many of them are very, very unhappy, and when we look at why they're unhappy, we can actually come back to these four factors. They have a lot of money, but they have no purpose. They don't understand why they're in, in in this world, they don't understand what they're supposed to do. So as they accumulate more and more money, they become more disillusioned about what impact money actually has. Some are so focused on work, they're so intense about it, that they totally ignore their family and their families are a disaster, and then they're going back later, trying to fix it with all the money in the world, and all the therapy in the world cannot fix the damage that gets done when a leader of family ignores this family. Some of the people I know they're in horrible shape, they have all kinds of health issues. They're obese. They have injuries, they don't feel good, and then the last part is the finances. Now, I mentioned so my friends are incredibly wealthy. Finances are no issue for them. But there's a lot of other people that finances are a major, major problem. I want you to understand is if you do not have faith, everything is going to seem meaningless. If you do not have family, you're going to be lonely, you're going to feel lost and alone. If you don't have fitness, you're not going to have the energy to live a great life. If you don't have finances, you're not going to have the resources to be able to mobilize to do what you need to do, both in your life and in these three other factors. Let's talk about these factors.

First of all, faith, faith is the most controversial one, because we're talking about a higher power, we're talking about a belief in God, and I can go on and on about this. But it's important to understand that for you to become the person you are capable of being. You got to have faith in something that's bigger than you. You've got to live a truth where there are no lies and no deceptions about who you are in the world, and you have to have finances, you have to have the resources to be able to get your message across. So we look at faith, what is faith? faith is confidence, or trust in a person or thing. It's a belief in something that's not based on proof and it's a belief in God. Now I'm not gonna get into religion, because religion is really just a construct of manmade rules. I for myself, I am a Christian. I do believe in Jesus Christ. But so many aspects of the church I'm highly skeptical of or I'm highly cautious of, because they're manmade institutions.

The reason faith is so important is faith

1.) gets your core desire. Everybody's core desire is to be loved, and the realization that comes when you realize that nobody in this world is ever going to love you unconditionally. Nobody's ever gonna love you the way that you want to be loved, but God can have unconditional love for you. God can love you in spite of your flaws in spite of your mistakes in spite of your poor decisions, God loves you anyways. God will always be there for you and His love is perfect, because he is perfect. He will not let you down, and this is a very empowering belief. One of the things Dr. Van Tharp would always say is that rather than looking at beliefs as good or bad, right or wrong, look at them as if they're useful, or on useful. Does your beliefs, are they useful for you? Do they drive you to have a better life? Or are they non useful where they make your life worse? With faith, faith is our path to unconditional love, and here's the thing, when we get unconditional love from God, we can channel God's love through us out into the world. This is big, because we don't look for validation from our spouse, we don't look for validation from our kids or from our friends or from our peers, or from our co workers, or from our students. We don't need it because God loves us unconditionally. This helps us be a force because we're taking God's love and putting it out into the world. Rather than looking to the world to validate us.

The second thing is it gives us a purpose, a mission that is bigger than ourselves. God not only loves you, God has a big plan for you. God wants to do amazing things for you, if you will only surrender and listen to Him and let Him work through you.

The third is that when you have all this, you get a peace in life that only comes from being connected to God. You get love, you get mission and purpose and you get peace. This is really big. Because without this, all the money in the world cannot fill that hole. Can't do it.

Then we move to family. This is a big transformation for me. I've always loved my family, have always loved my family. But I never viewed that my family was an asset to me. It was just something that I poured my efforts into. But what I want you to understand is that when your family life is great, it will fulfill you at a level that you can't imagine, and the flip side, when you ignore your family, you're creating all kinds of issues that will last for generations to come. Because when you ignore your kids, when you ignore your spouse, they carry that going forward, and we have this belief like we bust our ass in our career, and then we come home and we're exhausted, we abandoned our family. Our families need us, and they not only need us, but they need us to be a leader. They need us to get out in front and fight for them, and fight with them. Not be the back watching TV, or taking a nap or sedating or just pulling themselves out of the family. I have seen this firsthand, I have lived it firsthand. I have seen men look back on their life with unbelievable regret that they did not spend more time with their spouse and their kids. Your kids will grew up in an instant your kids are four, next thing you know they're 15, next thing you know they're 25 and it's gone, and you cannot get that time back. Every day we we have with our family is a blessing, and when we get our family right. It makes us better in business. It makes us more focus. It makes us more joyful, more creative, more energetic.

Factor number three is fitness. Fitness is the condition of being physically strong and healthy. I rate these in order of importance. For me, faith is the most important thing. If I don't have God, I'm f*@ked. You're gonna take objection to be using the F word in the same context with God but you know what? God knows everything I'm thinking and I know the passages that talk about not swearing, but your God really want once he wants me to be really honest with him, he wants me to be really authentic with him, and know there's no bullshit, put myself fully out there, knowing he already knows it. I'm gonna be me, knowing that is what God wants from me: full transparency, full truth, full passion, full engagement. If I don't have faith, I'm f*@ked. That's one. If I have faith, and I don't have the other things I can get by, if I don't have faith, I'm screwed. Now, next thing is family, I'd rather have my family, then have all the money in the world. Because I cannot buy my family. You see what you see so many wealthy men, that their families are disasters because they can't buy it. Third is fitness. If I don't have health, I'm screwed. I need energy, I need my body to work. I need to take care of it. I need to nourish it, I need to love on it, I need to stress it, and put it through stress, all the above. We need fitness.

Last one is finances. Now, business is a subset of finances. Trading is a subset of finances. Finances sit here our businesses and our trading sit below. It is a form. It is a method it is a way to create our finances but it is not finances. Finances, look at the definition, is the management of money or the money belonging to a person, group or organization. It is the management of our wealth. One of the biggest things I see is men, and I've been guilty of this. We focus on our business. It's grow, grow, grow, make money, make money, make money, while there's this money sitting over here doing nothing. We have no plan for overall finances. We have no strategy. We leave money laying all over the place and it just bleeds. Yeah, we make money in our business. But we actually would do much better. If we just manage all of our finances. Many of you want to retire, you could retire if you just get your finances tight. First and foremost. I have conversations of businessman make 500,000 a year they work 60-80 hours a week, they're stressed all the time. Go back to this they have no faith, they might believe in God, but they don't go to church, their families are wreck because all they do is work, their fitness is a disaster, because they're f*@king fat and out of shape with no energy. But they make 500 grand a year working 60-80 hours a week, and they just keep running and running and running. Clients are a pain in the ass, employees that are a pain in the ass are all stressed. I show them like look, you could sell your business for $3 million. You could use a set of super strategies to make 15% a year. That's $450,000 a year and you could do it in a couple hours a month, and you're out. You don't need to deal with his dealers bullshit anymore. You have time for your faith, you have time for your family, you have time for you. If you just get focusing on your finances, not just making money in a business, not just making money trading.

We need to understand that all the trading in the world cannot substitute for these four things. Trading is awesome. But it is part of a path. It is not the path, it is not the way. If you get these four things together, your trade will take off because you will psychologically be strong for being strong in your faith, strong in your family, strong in your fitness and strong in your finances. A man who's strong in all four of these is going to be a force in the act of business will be easy. A man who just focuses on business, and ignores these other four, it's going to be a much harder road. We're gonna be talking about this more, but we need to understand what is the end game, and the end game is for you to have a fantastic f*@king life, and to do that we need to be real about where we need to be great. No lies no bullshit. No false hopes no misplaced effort or focus. I'll be back next Tuesday. Just remember, we're doing these webinars to teach you different ways to think not just about training but about life, to help you take your performance to an elite level and to help you live a great f*@king life, a fantastic f*@king life. God bless. I'll see you next week. Bye