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Options Matrix 201: Secrets of Trading Vertical Spreads

Understanding vertical spreads will have a massive impact on your trading.  

How massive? Consider this:

  • Trade the same way but use 85% less capital!!
  • Increase your returns by anywhere from 200-1000% for the same exposure
  • Set up trades that make money even when you are wrong!!
  • Create trades that always have limited loss, insulating you from gaps, catalysts, and catastrophes!!

People talk about the power of trading options, but the power of trading options comes when you trade OPTION SPREADS!! The most basic version of a spread is the vertical spread. This workshop will teach you how to understand, integrate and master vertical spreads so your trading is never the same again. Leave ready to reap massive profits through your new understanding of the power of vertical spreads!!

Access to Tier 2 Indicators

✔ Actionable Assessments to Guarantee Progress

✔ Private Basecamp Channel to Ask Customized Questions 

✔ Strategy Selection for Volatility Environment Transition Flow Points 

 ✔ LIVE Office Hour Sessions 

✔ Learn How to Implement the Trading Matrix of Vertical Spreads to meet your trading Objectives

✔ Pre-work lessons and assessments on call spreads, put spreads, and bull/bear spreads

✔ Learn advanced techniques for implementing BB Gun System for outsized performance 

✔ Learn how to use multiple strike price options and how to adjust the strike prices to match your trade expectation