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The Verticality Challenge

Understanding vertical spreads will have a massive impact on your trading:

  • Trade the same way but use 85% less capital!
  • Increase your returns by anywhere from 200-1000% for the same exposure
  • Set up trades that make money even when you are wrong
  • Create trades that always have limited loss, insulating you from gaps, catalysts, and catastrophes
  • Significantly reduce your trading margin
  • Significantly reduce the risk associated with gaps and events
  • Create trades with significantly larger winners
  • Customize your options strategies to fit your psychology
  • Know Optimal Way to Execute Your Strategy to Save Thousands in Execution Slippage
  • Structure trades with BOTH direction and volatility in your favor

Start learning how to positively impact your trading
with the Intro to Vertical Spreads course including:

Long Call Spread Lesson & Assessment
Short Call Spread Lesson & Assessment
Long Put Spread Lesson & Assessment
Short Put Spread Lesson & Assessment
Bull/Bear Spreads Lesson & Assessment


Recorded webinar - Three Aspects of Options Trading