If you get nervous when someone brings up options... 

Or think of risky trades that sometimes feel like playing the lottery...

Then you are doing options wrong. 

Elevate Your Option Trading
into a
Proven Money-Making System

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Learn how to use options to make smart bets. You will protect your picks with correct hedging. You will make bets that have maximum upside and minimal downside.

Make Every Trade Safer and More Profitable.

Make Money Anytime Anywhere.

Use rigorous metrics to eliminate emotions and trade with confidence. 

Minimize your drawdowns and make more winning trades

Upon completion of the course, you will...

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Over 24 Hours of Training

Access to training recordings,
totaling over 24 hours of
expert instruction!

Course PDFs

Download the simple, easy-to-read forever yours training pdfs.

Training Assessments

After each session, you can assess your learning with our
expert-crafted assessments.

Course Website

Access all of the course materials via our course member's website. 

Slack Channel

Access to the private Slack channel 
for peer collaboration.

Question & Answer 

Access to Live Office Hour Sessions
with the Trading Matrix Experts.


Yes, Chuck! I want massive returns at lower risk!

Will This Workshop Help Me?

Yes. At the bare minimum, you will learn how to make the same trades you are making now... except with less risk! That means far fewer opportunities to lose money. Options can be emotionally devastating for those who don’t know what they are doing.

This course does not operate based on gut and instinct.

You will learn an easy step-by-step method that is based on pure numbers. Metrics will tell you whether to buy or sell. You free yourself from making emotional decisions that hurt your portfolio and replace them with decisions that will create the most profitable trades of your career!

The best part about this course is you leave with a “how to trade” guide. You will instantly be able to apply trading strategies to make a profit. The Options Playbook has historical data that teaches you which strategies to use depending on the signs you see.

Turbocharge Your Returns. Turn Options Into a System. Not a Gamble.

One successful trade with our method gives you nice profits. Profits that are bigger than what most bonds, bills, and other investments give you in an entire year. In your new dictionary, volatility and crisis will just be two words for the same thing: profit. You will stop worrying about whether the market is up or down. Instead, you will enjoy unlimited personal freedom. You don’t have to see everything coming. All you need are a couple of home runs that make this the best investment of your life. 


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